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M@CH!N3 (01 Apr : 09:06PM)

M@CH!N3 (30 Sep : 02:31PM)
sry had to remove the themes they were taking up way too much space

madmonk (16 Sep : 08:06PM)
Where do you change the themes at?

M@CH!N3 (27 May : 06:16AM)
Welcome to our test / demo website

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Welcome To AACGC's Test / Demo Website

Here you can view most of AACGC's plugins in action as well as interact with some so you can get an idea how they look and feel before downloading and installing them on your site.

You must login with your AACGC username and password

Note: Some plugins may look different on this testsite than on your site for several reasons:

* Different themes
* Plugin is currently being updated to newer version
* Options in the plugin settings may be turned off/on that show more/less items

Please check out our FAQs, Forums, and Wiki for details on installing and setting up plugins

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Sep 21, 2017 12:50am
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